10 Must-HaveAccessories a Girl Should have In Her Wardrobe

The right accessories can really do wonders to your look and also be a style statement. Accessories are essential to accentuate your outfit as there have the power to bring out the best in it and also give you that added glam quotient.

Fashion per se is never permanent and trends keep changing with the changing times.

But there are certain accessories that remain a girl’s best friend as they always are evergreen and act like life -saving elements to amp up even the drabbest of outfits like a sunshine on a cloudy day.


A Stylish Purse

Having a stylish and classy purse is something that not only looks great but it is also extremely functional.

A good quality purse preferable a branded one can straight away draw a person’s attention to it. A trendy person is a must-have accessory that will never let you down.

Keep all your essentials that will see you through the day and also flaunt it to show your style. Owning a smart and chic Cheshirecat purse is much in vogue these days.

Most young girls are going the extra mile to get one of these awesome Cheshire cat purses!


A classic oversize wrist watch

Apart from telling you the time a watch really is a style statementthat onehas.

And what better to have than a very smart and prominently huge watch that can accessorizeyour wrist in a classy way.

It can even double up like a bracelet if it is worn a little loose,especially it is a metallic silver or gold watch.

A good lookingwatch can really accessorize your outfit to suit the occasion.

An evergreen classic trench coat

This piece of clothing althougha winter accessory is a must have too. Worn over any kind of outfit it is your coat which will gather more stares, especially in the outdoors. It is an investment which will never fail to make you stand out even in a crowd.

The best part about owning an accessory like this is that it will never go out of fashion and it will always adjust to whatever size you are.

Gorgeous Sunglasses

Like your watch even oversize sunglasses will rock your appearance.

Not only does it protect your eyes from the harsh sunrays it also makes your face look stylish. Owning a good pair of sunglasses speaks volumes about your classy look. Always remember tomake it an essential accessory that is always with you in your handbag.

A pair of red/ black

stilettoes To add that oomph factor to an already classic outfit, having the right footwear is absolutely a must. Not only do they complete your style they makeyou look taller, more poised and even your gait is much more deliberate and elegant,


They are one of the most important accessories that you must always have in your shoe closet. Just slip into this most dependable accessory and see how confident and independent you are going to feel! 


A Statement Neckpiece


Abold neckpiece oran elegant necklace can add the extra zing or charm that adds to that look good and feel good factor.that you get when you wear your favorite outfit. For those with longer necks a bold neckpiece will enhance your features and make you a stunner and for those with shorter necks,it is thatclassy pendanton a thin chain that will add to your elegant look.

Trendy Earrings

For girls who are fond of wearing long earrings,danglers can makeyou look dressed up and geared up for informal occasions. But when it come s to informal occasions it is those classic ear studs that are going to make you look elegant and chic.  

A smart belt

Gone are the days when a belt was worn only with jeans or trousers. A waist-cinchingbelt is another stylish accessory thatmakesyou dressstand out and also givesyou a shapely look.A nice branded leather belt or even a custom-madebelt made out of materials like jute or fabric are style statements these days.

A colorful stole or a printed scarf

Even the plainest of outfits can be pepped up with a multi-coloredstole ora printedscarf. Just throwing it across your shoulder or loosely knotting it around your neck can make you look somagicaland also add so much of vibrancy into your look.


A trendy cell phone case

This is a new age accessory which every girl worth her style chooses withutmost care and precision. Whether you are working out at and gym and need to listen to your music or are making a business call, your phone is your best friend forever. So a well-chosensmart cell phone case is also an accessory you must have.